The Last Ghetto: An Everyday History of Theresienstadt


22 Theodor Janeček led the gendarmes from November 1941 to July 1943

83 Tůma’s certificate of good conduct should read:

Mirko T ů m a, Ghetto-Goethe, profession: poet,

marital status: single,

born: yes, in: bed,

living in: Terezín BV/125,

is completely partly law-abiding, has not been sentenced by a court and we know of nothing that would contradict his good bad reputation.

This check is issued as an attachment for the change of the surname “Tůma” to “T a u s s i g.”

161 Klapp left in Theresienstadt his cello (not a violin); p. 320 fn 175 Klapp, not Knapp

324 Grabower papers have been moved to Bundesarchiv Koblenz, not Steuermuseum Hamburg (possibly, the Steuermuseum keeps some objects)

344 Working in a Trap was edited by Anita Tarsi and Dani Singer, not Margalit Shlain.

355 Margita Kárný should of course read Margita Kárná.