The Last Ghetto: An Everyday History of Theresienstadt


22 Theodor Janeček led the gendarmes from November 1941 to July 1943

83 Tůma’s certificate of good conduct should read:

Mirko T ů m a, Ghetto-Goethe, profession: poet,

marital status: single,

born: yes, in: bed,

living in: Terezín BV/125,

is completely partly law-abiding, has not been sentenced by a court and we know of nothing that would contradict his good bad reputation.

This check is issued as an attachment for the change of the surname “Tůma” to “T a u s s i g.”

161 Klapp left in Theresienstadt his cello (not a violin); p. 320 fn 175 Klapp, not Knapp

218 remove (see table 6.3); Table 6.3 “language used” should read “ethnicity of the applicant” both times

221 qualitative should read qualification

234 Petschauová not Petschuaová

324 Grabower papers have been moved to Bundesarchiv Koblenz, not Steuermuseum Hamburg (possibly, the Steuermuseum keeps some objects)

344 Working in a Trap was edited by Anita Tarsi and Dani Singer, not Margalit Shlain.

355 Margita Kárný should of course read Margita Kárná.